A b o u t

Born in 1986 in Saarbrücken, Germany, Amela lives and works as a visual artist in Munich. As the daughter of migrants from former Yugoslavia, she grew up bilingual and her live had taken place between Germany and Bosnia. This experience has had a particularly strong influence on the content of her work.

The paintings of Amela Rasi are inspired by human interactions and relationships. In the „Identity- series”, Amela includes her own experiences of searching for identity, but also the stories of others. She represents the constant development of identities and sees this in the continuous flow of lines in her paintings. These lines represent the individual fragments of the identity-experiences, that add up over the course of a lifetime, embedded in a seemingly stable and space-overarching environment.

Over time, the „Identity-series” has changed a lot and her focus is no longer only on the unfolding of individual identities. The result is the series „The merging of two Identities“, which is dedicated to those moments in which two identities meet and significantly influence the development of each other identities. Visually, the series has evolved from lines of identity to abstract, slightly permeable forms. Amela emphasizes the difference between two personalities, that share a moment together, by choosing vivid colours that at first glance seem to not match. She uses acrylic paints and applies them with different brushes as many thin layers on top of each other. Furthermore, she sets accents with firm, or soft oil pastel tones.